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Taking My Pet

The sound of her bare feet pitter-pattering across the kitchen floor reverberated around the quiet room. Leisurely she strode to the counter, a stained and cold mug held tightly against her chest. So desperate was she in her search for coffee, so intent she was on filling up her cup with the magical elixir that would clear the fog from her sleepy morning mind that she hardly noticed him sitting in the corner of the living room. His figure mostly covered by the shadows, the light from the blinds illuminated bits and pieces of him. He sat with ankles crossed, eyes intent on following her. Appreciating the view that the frumpy over-sized t-shirt she wore provided, just a hint of the lacy panties she wore peaking through when she reached up to grab creamer from the cupboard. Her slightly disheveled look, messy curls falling into her face and a light blush brightening her cheeks as she happily sipped at her coffee made her seem all the more arousing. He could tell she wasn’t quite awake yet, not quite ready to let her thoughts drift to everything she had planned for the day. She was still easily seduced with the thought of her warm comfy bed and tangling herself back into the comfy blanket she left still warm and full of the scent of her she left behind only moments before.

He struggled with whether he should say something and risk startling her from her morning routine… or whether he should wait to see if she crawled back into bed as he suspected she would as she usually did. The latter held appeal because he wanted nothing more than to see her spread out at his mercy on those plump pillows. However he would happily oblige a little morning work out cornering her in the kitchen. Waiting won out because he wasn’t quite ready to watch the sleepy dazed look disappear from her eyes just yet. There was plenty of time. He was nothing if not patient. So he sat back, silently tracking her steps back across the kitchen and followed her down the hall as she made her way back to her room. Ahh, a creature of habit she truly was. He could not wait until her eyes finally met his from across the room as he made his appearance known, leaning against her bedroom door frame, and simply grinning down at her.

He could hear her pacing around her room, getting herself settled back in bed and turning the tv on for some background noise. He took this as his opportunity to walk down the hallway without worrying she would hear him. As he approached her bedroom, his pulse quickened with excitement. This was it. He would finally get to play instead of just waiting; watching and wanting. The blood rushed in his ears but then immediately moved south. His cock was already beginning to strain against the zipper of his jeans and he rubbed outside along the ridge to try to ease his discomfort. He could hear her quiet sighs of contentment as she got herself all settled in and sipped at her coffee. Taking a deep breath, he hummed low to himself, just a hint of noise to grab her attention. Her eyes flashed quickly to where he was standing and he heard her gasp of surprise. Before she could fully register what was happening he was there, standing beside her bed. He reached out to grab her wrist and direct her to put the cup she held down on the table beside her.

Her eyes grew wide at the sight of him. She had yet to cry out but he knew it was soon to come. Before she could react, he held firmly to her wrist and leaned over her. “Good morning, pet. I hope I’m not interrupting, ” he whispered huskily, as his other hand reached for the blanket that she had pulled up against her torso.

“Nuh-no,” she managed to stammer out as he slowly started pulling the blanket to the side to reveal her bare legs.

“Mm, good.” His eyes looked her up and down appreciatively, noting how her breath now hitched and her lower lip was between her teeth. Ah how sweet she looked, a hint of fear in her eyes but her body betrayed her. He could already see her nipples begin to poke through the thin material of her shirt and he could bet that she was beginning to become wet. He had prepared her for this moment, with little notes left on her pillow or on the windshield of her car. She knew it was coming for weeks now. Had she run different scenarios through her head of how he would take her? Did she have a favorite, he wondered? Hmm… Guess it really did not matter because they were playing by his rules now.

Slowly, almost menacingly he leaned down and got inches from her face. Taking a hand and tucking the curls behind her ear, he whispered “Mm, my darling pet, shall we get you ready for me?”

Her reaction was almost immediate. A whimper escaping her lips, she pressed her thighs together to try to prevent his approach. She tried to inch away from him but his hand was still wrapped around her wrist. With a swift motion, he grabbed her other wrist and pinned her arms above her head. “That wasn’t very nice, pet. I just want to feel how wet you are so that I know how much work will need to be done.” He brushed a soft kiss on her forehead before dropping her arms, tenderly rubbing his hands down her arms, down her stomach, and lightly raking his nails along her thighs. She shivered in response but her eyes remained locked on his hands. After feeling her squirm beneath his touch, he took that as his que to spread her thighs, leaving her black lacy panties finally exposed to his roaming gaze. He grinned in appreciation of her physique. He loved feeling her plump thighs quiver beneath his hands as he allowed himself to roam higher and higher.

“Mmm, kitten, I want to taste you,” he rasped “Keep your thighs open for me.” He looked up in time to see her chewing on her lower lip and shaking her head side to side. “No?” he inquired. “Are you trying to tell me I can’t taste you? Because you know I will have my way. I will have my tongue pressed hard against your clit in a minute and you will fucking love it.”

She squirmed under his gaze but relaxed her legs and allowed him to settle in between her thighs. Her breath hitched as she felt him slide her panties to the side. He took his time slowly lapping at her, inhaling her scent and feeling her milky cream coat his tongue. She had kept her hands balled tightly at her sides but the more he lapped at her, the desire to tangle her fingers in his hair became. She tried desperately to resist the urge, not knowing whether to encourage or to lay silent. After licking his middle finger and slowly starting to finger her though, she lost the ability to resist and her hands entwined in his hair, holding him to her.

She could feel him growl in appreciation against her soaking wet pussy at the feel of her tugging and twining her fingers in his hair. Placing one hand under her butt, he cupped her ass cheek and brought her even closer to him while continuing to finger fuck her, adding another finger and increasing the speed. He could feel her arching towards him and her little whimpers filled the air, mixing with the faint sound of the tv that still played in background. She encouraged him on without having to say a word. Her body told him everything he needed to know. His little pet was excited and on the verge of cumming. Abruptly he pulled his fingers out of her sweet pussy and sucked on them. She moaned at the loss of contact and began to squirm under him.

“Oh don’t you worry, I am not done with that sweet pussy. Patience pet.” He got up, leaning back on his heels and reached for the button and zipper of his jeans, unzipping and pulling the pants down his hips to expose his throbbing hard cock.

Her eyes widened and she tried squirming out of his reach but he was too fast. He gripped the back of her head, entwining his fingers in her curls and pulling her face down towards his cock. She let out a moan at the rough sting of having her hair pulled and she attempted to keep her mouth closed. He used his other hand to cup her chin and force her to look up at him.

“Open. Now. Take me into your mouth, pet. Be a good girl for me.” Her eyes began to water as he tugged even harder on her hair until she finally gave in and her lips parted. He took this as invitation enough and pushed the head of his cock past her lips. She began to close her eyes but a sharp pinch of her jaw brought her eyes directly back up to him. “I want to see your eyes as I face fuck you,” he rasped while slowly rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his cock along her tongue. He grunted and moaned in pleasure, directing her mouth where he wanted. He could see her eyes watering as he fucked her mouth roughly. He took turns going rough and then easing off to let her catch her breath.

“Ahh, fuck. Your mouth feels so good.” He continued pumping his hips back and forth, not quite bringing himself to the brink, easing back when he felt himself getting too close. He wanted to drag this play session out as he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Finally he released his hold on her hair and eased himself out of her mouth. She visibly sagged with relief now that the onslaught on her mouth was finished but she was not given much relief as he quickly grabbed at the bottom of her nightshirt and began tugging it up. Before she could think about it, she grabbed at his hands to stop the procession of her shirt. A growl erupted from him and he swiftly pinned her hands at her sides.

“Don’t you try to stop this. Naughty kitten. Tsk Tsk”. She immediately cast her eyes down and chewed on her lower lip to prevent herself from retorting back.

He acknowledged her submission with a nod and lightened his hold on her arms. As he gazed down at her, he noticed how her nipples had hardened and were poking against her night shirt. Oh how he wanted a taste. Leaning down, he licked a nipple through the fabric, enjoying the little moan she let escape before she could help herself. Her body naturally arched toward his mouth, enjoying the rough sensation the shirt rubbing against her sensitive nipple provided mixed with the soft wetness of his mouth pressed around her. After nibbling and sucking sufficiently on one, he moved to the other. Eventually he released his hold on her arms to kneed her breasts, then slipped his hands under the edge of the shirt to explore the soft warm skin underneath. She shivered at his touch; her skin felt like it was on fire she was so aroused.

He tugged the material all the way up and started lifting her up to signal he wanted it all the way off. She fumbled with the shirt, popping it up over her head and tossing it off the side of the bed. His wicked grin showed her his approval as his eyes roamed up and down her exposed body. Once he had gotten his fill of looking at her, his mouth once again lowered to suckle at her breasts. She bit her lower lip and tried to stifle the moans that were begging to be emitted but he let his hands go roaming and soon as his hand landed on her clit, she was helpless to resist. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as his thumb swirled around her swollen clit.

“Ah, my pet. You are soaked. You are more than ready for me.” He huskily replied, lifting himself up to rest the head of his penis against her opening. “Now let’s see just how much of me my pet can take, shall we?”

A little head nod and whimper is all she could manage as her hips wiggled in anticipation. He inserted himself into her opening, feeling the initial resistance from her tight pussy. His little kitten obviously had not played in a long while, which only made this more thrilling for him. He knew that he would stretch every inch of her trying to accommodate him. Slowly, inch by inch, he inserted himself. Her hands flew up to grip his shoulders and her fingernails began to dig in the deeper his cock penetrated her. Her whimpers only encouraged him on wards until a long moan escaped her as one final thrust put him all the way in. Her pussy pulsed and gripped his cock like a vise. For several seconds he didn’t move, just allowed her pussy to adjust to him. Then, slowly, he pulled almost all the way out, and with a growl he slammed into her pussy. Watching her eyes roll and seeing her bite her lip to hold back from crying out at the sudden pleasure/pain was exactly what he needed to urge him on.

“Now, now my kitten. Don’t hold back on me. Let me hear you moan for me.” Digging his fingers into her hips, he pulled her down on his cock and continued his torment of her tight soaking pussy. She was so tight she gripped him like a vise. He knew that he was bordering on pleasure and pain with each thrust but he wanted to see how much she could handle. Feeling how warm and wet she was, he knew that she was enjoying this just as much as he was. After a few minutes of adjustment, he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. It was time for him to see just how deep he could go.

She let her eyes close, enjoying the feel of him stretching her. She did not want to look him in the eyes though for she knew that her eyes would betray her. Her lips may say that she is resisting, but her eyes begged for more just as much as her soaking wet pussy did. She had no way of knowing how far he was going to take this. Would he be content to just pleasure them both and stop? Or did he crave a bit more of a struggle, a bite of pain. Something told her that he would not be satisfied until he had her crying…whether in pleasure or in pain she did not know. She wanted to let herself go, submerge herself in the moment and enjoy the pleasure that she knew he was capable of bringing with each thrust, with his fingers swirling on her clit, and with his sensual mouth nipping and licking at her body. However, every time she started to let go, he would bring her back to him sharply with a bite or slap. It confused but also excited her.

He could see that she was not focused on him and that certainly would not do. Stilling himself inside her, he reached a hand up and smacked her on the right side, sharp enough to elicit a whimper from her. “Where did you go, my pet? What is on that pretty little mind of yours?” He cocked an eyebrow and waited for her response. She seemed to be in a fog, struggling to focus on his face. She tried to get him to continue his actions, wiggling her hips and digging her nails into him. He refused to indulge her though. He wanted an answer. “Oh, no. You need to answer me. Now.” He gripped her hips and stilled her motions. As expected, she cried out at the loss. He simply stared down at her and waited.

Looking up at him, she sighed and tried to find a way to say the right thing. “I-I was just doing what you wanted,” she whispered “Did I do something wrong?”

He cocked his head and without warning pulled back and thrust into her as far as he could go. Her eyes rolled and he let out of a bark of laughter. “Doing what I want, huh?” He slowed his pace, alternating between short shallow thrusts and deep hard thrusts. “I don’t recall telling you to block me out, pet. I want you to look at me. Look at me while my cock is making you whimper and moan!” he growled as he ground into her. Letting one leg fall down to his waist, he used the opening to wrap one hand around her neck and slowly began to squeeze. Her eyes closed once again, but this time he allowed it. She was scared and trying to steady herself. He could feel her heartrate increase, feel her body tense up with the tightening of his hand, but oh how her pussy pulsated around him. “There, there my pet. How pretty you look all red and flushed.” He began to thrust into her, slowly though, dragging it out. She tried to whimper and moan but they got strangled in her throat, coming out as more gasps. She opened her eyes to look at him and let one hand fall to his arm, lightly gripping him. She didn’t try to pull his hand away though. She was enjoying the pressure, the build up. When he finally let go and she gasped for air, he took the opportunity and began pounding into her. Her cries filled the air and encouraged him on. Her tits bounced with each thrust and were just begging to be squeezed.

“Mm, cup your breasts for me. I want to see you play with yourself.” He huskily directed her while gripping her leg close to his body and plunging deep into her. She hesitantly complied, gently cupping her tits in her hands and lightly squeezing. “That’s it, pet” he encouraged, playfully spanking her and swirling his hips to elicit more moans from her. “Now, pinch your nipples for me. Don’t go easy on yourself. Really apply pressure.” Seeing her comply, he thrust into her and then reached out and slapped her clit. The moan that she let out from the combination of pleasure and pain was exactly what he expected but oh was it sweet to hear. Applying another slap to her clit, he then began swirling his thumb around the little love bud until her hips started bucking.

“How close are you, my darling? Are you going to cum for me?” Not giving her a chance to reply, he applied more pressure on her clit and thrust into her until she finally let out a moan and came undone, her pussy clenching so tight around his cock that it nearly hurt. She soaked the bed and convulsed under his touch. A wicked grin spread across his face as he slowed his pace. Eventually seeing her settle back down, he completely withdrew from her soaking wet cunt and lowered her legs. Reaching behind her, he grabbed a fistful of her hair from the base of her skull and pulled her up off the pillows.

“I think it’s time you cleaned my cock. Come now, pet. Lick me clean from your cum.” She cried out at the sudden pain but also in fear at his suddenly harsh demands. She tried to shake her head no but he had already positioned himself in front of her. Her hands flew up and tried pushing his hips back but he held strong. “Open.” He gripped her mouth and tried to force her mouth open. “If I have to tell you again, you won’t like it…” He massaged her now sore jaw from where he had gripped her and ran a thumb across her bottom lip, silently commanding. She complied and he slid his cock into her warm mouth. She began licking at his head, swirling her tongue around the tip, tasting her own salty sweetness before delving deeper and sucking him as far down as she could manage. With his hand still wrapped in her hair, he encouraged her even further, thrilling at the gurgling and gagging sounds she made as his cock hit the back of her throat and then easing back up. He repeated this five or six times before he was satisfied with the job she did. Letting go of her hair, he petted the back of her head and tried to ease the sting the tugging had caused. After she had sufficiently licked him clean, he began pumping in and out of her mouth. She greedily sucked at him, meeting him thrust for thrust. He grabbed her hand and guided it towards his balls, allowing her to cup him as he pumped into her. His head fell back and he let out moans of his own. She dug her nails into his hip and used her other hand to massage him as her mouth milked him. He suddenly let out a growl, pumped hard into her and emptied himself into her mouth. Hearing her gag and struggle to swallow, he eventually eased up. Once he was finally satisfied he pulled out from between her lips and watched her body visibly sag from the loss of contact.

Looking down on her, her lips were red and swollen. Her cheeks were flushed and she was still trying to catch her breath. “Mmm, thank you my pet.” He pulled his pants back up and eased himself off the bed. Buttoning himself back up, he turned towards the bed and watched her. She had laid back down but her eyes were following his every move.

“I’m finished with you for now…” He began to walk towards her bedroom door but stopped just before stepping out. “Next time, I expect to take you in the kitchen. Prepare yourself, kitten.” With that, he walked out. She slowly pulled the blanket back up and around herself, too shaken to get up. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but all she knew was that she was absolutely soaked and still wanting more.


An introvert with her nose always in a book, I feel I express myself better in written word than I ever could in spoken conversation. A kitty mom with an open minded attitude, sarcastic tongue, and a hippie chick sense of style. I have experienced plenty of mental health challenges, relationship struggles, career changes, and world travel. I feel my experiences could be of use to someone somehow. I like to live with one foot firmly in real world serious topics while the other foot dances in fantasy of all types. Even if you are not here to stay, I am glad the universe brought you to visit for a while.

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